Snapshots 55 Not Just a Good Idea, It’s the Law

Here are 5 developments of interest to fans:

(1) Everything depends on what yardstick you choose. I’ve complained about the chaos my family experienced over the past two days due to U.S. Air. But compared with the passengers on the Titanic? Not so bad. So I admit it’s unlikely that fans a century hence will be inspired to re-enact The Glyers Return From New Mexico the way a group of San Diego costumers will be celebrating the 99th anniversary of the departure of the Titanic with a “Bon Voyage Sunday Lunch” on April 17:

The Titanic carried 2207 people. Everyone will choose and come as an actual passenger that sailed on the Titanic. You can come as JJ Astor, Molly Brown, Captain Smith, crew member, valet or maid. 1st, 2nd or 3rd class passenger. NO JACK OR ROSE, they are NOT real! Be prepared to say a few lines about your persona and whether you lived or died.

Ook ook, as Elst Weinstein would say.

(2) Roger Ebert’s review of Tron: The Legacy contained a shout-out to fans:

I’m giving this more attention than the movie does, which is just as well. Isaac Asimov would have attempted some kind of scientific speculation on how this might all be possible, but Tron is more action-oriented. (Personal to sci-fi fans: If 2001 is Analog, Tron: Legacy is Thrilling Wonder Stories.)

(3) Vikings vs. a Russian tank?  David Klaus commented sardonically, “SCA combat rules would never allow the opening…”

(4) I know I have reached a certain age when I see somebody I went to school with endowing a university. Karen Stoddard and I were graduate assistants in the Department of Popular Culture in 1974-1975; she and her partner are making the gift:

Eileen O’Neill, one of Bowling Green State University’s 100 Most Prominent Alumni, is giving back in a big way. O’Neill, the president and general manager of the cable network TLC, and her partner, Karen Stoddard, have given the University a $100,000 gift to establish “the Stoddard and O’Neill Endowment for Studies in Popular Culture” as well as another $10,000 to the department that can be used immediately to assist students and faculty…

(5) Eighty-plus hours of vintage Firesign Theatre radio broadcasts? Where do I sign up? (Hint: Click the link.)

Duke of Madness Motors is the ultimate box-less boxed set of Firesign’s complete broadcast output for the years 1970-1972, when they were blowing minds on Los Angeles radio with The Firesign Theatre Radio Hour Hour, Dear Friends, and Let’s Eat. Our reissue package is nothing less than the complete history of the period in one 108-page book and one DVD-ROM of MP3 data. The book contains an 8000-word historical essay, new interviews with Firesign and their producer and engineer, complete show rundowns, original scripts, vintage Phil Proctor photocollages, found objects and much more.

At the website — – you can also access audio samples, essays, etc.

Big light in sky slated to appear in East.
Sonic booms scare minority groups in Sector B.
And there’s hamburger all over the highway in Mystic, Connecticut.
  — Firesign Theatre

[Thanks for these links goes out to David Klaus, Janice Gelb, Jim Hay and Chronicles of the Dawn Patrol.]

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