File 770 Joins Club Cyborg

My pacemaker procedure has been a success — making me a new member of Club Cyborg (as Neil Clarke called it in comments). I will be discharged from the hospital today. Will I do a Scroll today? We’ll all find out later! Thanks to everyone for their good wishes.

86 thoughts on “File 770 Joins Club Cyborg

  1. Pics, or it didn’t happen. (Just kidding. Glad you’re being sprung, and have a safe and comfortable journey home.)


  2. I’m not glad you’ve been in hospital, but I’m very glad the procedure went well! I hope this is the end of troubles for a while.

    I’m also glad we had a chance to chat at Worldcon.

  3. Glad to hear you’re being paroled, Mr. Glyer. I’ll cancel the cake with a File in it.

  4. Woohoo, glad you’re finally escaping from the hospital! Hope you got a nice deluxe one with Pokemon apps and charging ports for all your devices!

  5. Hurrah! So glad to hear you are doing better.

    Very sorry we never got a chance to chat at Worldcon, but very happy to know we’ll have a future opportunity.

  6. fantastic! I will prefer hearing “I’ll be back” from Glyer over the Terminator, every time! best wishes for speedy return to your normal life.

  7. I’m glad the procedure went smoothly and you’re out of the hospital. I join the others in welcoming our File 770 Cyborg Overlord.

  8. What’s the ratio of machine to man you need to reach before you become twisted and evil?

  9. I need to check in more often, before all the good jokes are gone.

    Glad to hear your procedure went well and you’ve been sprung from durance vile.

  10. Yay, that was quick! The benefits of modern surgery. I’m so glad. I hope your continued recovery will be smooth and easy, and that the device will fix the issues you’ve been having.

  11. GlyerBot could have gone rogue after he hacked his pacemaker module, but then he realized he could post pixel scrolls on the entertainment feed of the company satellite.

  12. Mike, I am so delighted to hear that your surgery went well, with no complications. Best wishes for a swift recovery. 🙂

  13. First Clarke, now Mike — soon ALL the fan writers/editors will be getting pacemakers just to keep up!

    Huzzah for exit to motel, but ouch on how much that parking must have cost — not covered by insurance in any country!

    I feel like rather a slacker; I haven’t left the house since I got home from Worldcon, just been sitting around with the credentials, and here Mike’s already out from becoming a cyborg.

    Dammit. I gotta go give pills to both the credentials.

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