File 770 Joins Club Cyborg

My pacemaker procedure has been a success — making me a new member of Club Cyborg (as Neil Clarke called it in comments). I will be discharged from the hospital today. Will I do a Scroll today? We’ll all find out later! Thanks to everyone for their good wishes.

86 thoughts on “File 770 Joins Club Cyborg

  1. Part human part machine. If we could get a picture of a cat sleeping on you, you can be Iphinome’s murderbot of the month.

  2. Best wishes for a quick recovery.

    Stimulating the scroll and regulating the pixels?

  3. Heard you fell and were being kept overnight, missing your Hugo win.
    Take it easy. You’re not yet Steve Austin. Actually, not even close.
    And best of luck

  4. I hope you have a swift recovery and come back better than before.

    Other than that waiting for the kiddo to finish deciding on which volleyball shorts, and pondering if I should re-read Safely You Delivery , to recall the names of the class after they attained Independent status.

  5. Best Wishes for a full and speedy recovery, Mike.
    Hope this is just the beginning of another Billion Year Spree…

  6. Reading the headline, all I can think of is “Gentlemen, we can rebuild him…”

    Best wishes from me and Mur, and hope things continue to progress well.

  7. Safe travels home and hope for your best recovery.

    Seconding Pixelbot Murderscrolls (Camestron Felapton , above) as a future Pixel Scroll title.

  8. @Nancy: I love Breaking Cat News. And perfect timing that the credentials are talking about robots today!

    Thirding “Pixelbot Murderscrolls” as a title idea.

  9. I’m so glad it went well and that you were released (by the time I read this post)!!! Take it easy and I hope the recovery is smooth!!!


  10. Looking forward to a smooth recovery. A bit surprised you’re out that quickly — but ISTM that surgery is getting less intrusive, and being out of the hospital is better than being in.

  11. Very glad to hear that you are recovering, Mike, and I was glad I got to talk to you for a few minutes from your perch overlooking the McEnery plaza on Saturday of Worldcon.

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