Retro Ignotus 1989

Spain’s Asociación Española de Fantasía, Ciencia Ficción y Terror has just added a throwback award category to its Premio Ignotus 2019 (2019 Ignotus Awards) slate – the Retro Ignotus 1989 for Novel.

Eligible for the award are —

Any work of science fiction, fantasy, terror or related subject of more than 17,500 words, originally written in one of the languages ??of the Spanish State and originally published in Spain in 1989…

Compilations of individual stories that form a series will not be considered novels.

Voting is open to members of AEFCFT and Hispacon. All the award winners will be announced December 7 at the convention.

Retro Ignotus 1989 Novel Eligibility List

  • Cuando la lógica falla, el Sistema llama a… Zuk-1, by Jordi Sierra i Fabra (Ed. Pirene)
  • Doctor diabólico, by Ralph Barby (Ed. Olimpic)
  • El bastardo, by Ralph Barby (Ed. Olimpic)
  • El duende, by Pedro Gálvez Ruiz (Ed. Obelisco)
  • El jardí dels set crepuscles, by Miquel by Palol (Ed. Columna)
  • El regreso by Doble-P, by Fernando Lalana (Ed. Magisterio Español)
  • El regreso by Senuv, by Josefina Vañó by San Juan (Ed. L’estudi d’en Llop)
  • El viejo y la ninfa, by Ralph Barby (Ed. Olimpic)
  • La gaviota caníbal, by Ralph Barby (Ed. Olimpic)
  • La hacienda del ahorcado, by Donald Curtis (Ed. Astri)
  • Lágrimas calcinadas, by Ralph Barby (Ed. Olimpic)
  • Las islas by la guerra, by Ángel Torres Quesada (Ed. Ultramar)
  • Las islas del infierno, by Ángel Torres Quesada (Ed. Ultramar)
  • Las islas del paraíso, by Ángel Torres Quesada (Ed. Ultramar)
  • Las lágrimas del sol, by José María Merino (Ed. Alfaguara)
  • Las manos del muerto, by Donald Curtis (Ed. Astri)
  • Las trece campanadas, by José María Latorre (Ed. Montesinos)
  • Las últimas horas by Pincher Trumbo, by Jesús Pardo de Santayana Díez (Ed. Random House Mondadori)
  • Los gatos by Circe, by Ralph Barby (Ed. Olimpic)
  • Los rojos ganaron la Guerra, by Fernando Vizcaíno Casas (Ed. Planeta)
  • “Piel”, by Elia Barceló (en Sagrada, ed. Ediciones B)
  • Profanación, by Ralph Barby (Ed. Olimpic)
  • Querido muñeco, by Ralph Barby (Ed. Olimpic)
  • Ragnarok [artica], by Francisco Arellano (en Máser 14, ed. Juan José Parera)
  • “Sagrada”, by Elia Barceló (en Sagrada, ed. Ediciones B)
  • Shakanjoisha, by Jordi Sierra i Fabra (Ed. SM)
  • Sombras paralelas, by Vicente Muñoz Puelles (Ed. Tusquets)

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  1. There are five languages that are used currently in Spain: Galician, Castilian, Basque, Catalan and Occitan. Spanish is actually Castilian and is the official language of the country.

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