2008’s Top 10 Posts

I’ve known since those magical days in June the two posts that would finish 2008 with more hits than any others: obviously, the two that John Scalzi listed as “Whateverettes.” As Crotchety Old Fan Steve Davidson often observes, being plugged into the worldwide Scalzi media empire gives your readership a tremendous shot in the arm. Whateverettes scroll off, unlike links embedded in a blog post, but for a week in June this place was clicking like a horror movie Geiger counter.

Yet, surprisingly, those are not my all-time record-setting posts. Just a couple of days ago I wrote about a CNN news items blaming mass extinctions on a comet. Someone at CNN added a pointer to my article and within hours I rang up more hits from that referral than the combined total of hits received by 2008’s top two posts.

Now, the other eight posts got there the old fashioned way, they earned it. A few generated numerous comments, and people repeatedly viewed them as the discussion progressed. Others were of sufficiently broad interest that a continuous trickle of new readers were led to them by search engines.

1. The Unpredictable Best Novel Hugo
2. This Week in Words: Nerdgassing
3. The Hugo and Gender Controversy, A Year Later
4. Where Real Writers Work
5. This Week in Words: Coining “Sci-Fi”
6. Roberta “Bert” Carlson Killed in Highway Fatality
7. Mars Geological Features Named for Williamson, Zelazny, C.S. Lewis & Fredric Brown
8. Top 50 Novels of All Time Poll
9. There Will Come Soft Rains
10. 100 Best Movie Villains

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