2010 Worldcon Site Selection Result

Melbourne, Australia did run unopposed for the 2010 Worldcon, right? Or was that very fact the reason so many fans felt at liberty to shower their votes on assorted joke bids and outright shows of indifference? Australia captured a first-round majority with 658 votes, but a whopping 170 ballots went elsewhere. Denvention’s daily newzine published the following breakdown:

Australia, 658; No preference, 32; None of the above, 19; Peggy Rae’s House, 39; Xerps, 58; Minneapolis in ’73, 4; Liechtenstein, 2; Other, 14 (Receiving one vote each were: Casa De Fruta; Columbus 2008; Kansas City; Kodacon; Miles Boss’s House; Monkey’s Eyebrow, Ky.; No Dams; Rochester; Perth, WA, Australia; St. Pierre D Michilon Island; Southgate; Spuzzum, B.C.; Sunnydale, Calif.; and Takoma Park, Md.) Total ballots, 826.

Aussiecon Four will take place in Melbourne from September 2-6, 2010. The guests of honor will be Kim Stanley Robinson, Robin Johnson, and Shaun Tan. Perry Middlemiss and Rose Mitchell are Co-Chairs. Membership rates are here. And there is a 2010 Worldcon LiveJournal community.

Update 8/13/2008: Corrected to show Rose Mitchell and Perry Middlemiss as Co-Chairs.

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  1. Thanks for setting me straight! Indeed, it’s stated quite clearly on the front page I linked to.

  2. Shout out to the Casa De Fruta vote. That gave me a warm fuzzy. I preform in a group that preforms at that North California Ren fair every year at Casa De Fruta.

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