2017 LA Vintage Paperback Show

2016 Vintage Paperback Show, panoramic view. Photo by John King Tarpinian.

Over 400 people came out to the 38th Los Angeles Vintage Paperback Show on March 19 at the Glendale Civic Auditorium.

John King Tarpinian and the rest of the event staff did a really fine job, always aware of what was going on and nice to everyone. John spoiled me with a reserved parking space that helped make everything more accessible.

As I went around the tables, many collectible items caught my eye – none more so than a Duke Snider action figure (he was a big Dodgers star when I was a kid). I find at this point in life I don’t need to personally own things like that, I’m just happy they still exist.

I wasn’t even expecting to buy any books, which must sound blasphemous considering where I was, until I visited Marty and Alice Massoglia’s table. On top of a pile was a Christopher Anvil novel The Steel, The Mist, and the Blazing Sun. I didn’t remember seeing that title before, although I read literally dozens of the guy’s stories in Analog. It was an Ace book edited by Ben Bova. The description on the jacket didn’t ring a bell either, so I paid the $2 and started reading – indeed, despite being published in 1980 it’s new to me.

I had volunteered to help at the Loscon fan table. After Michelle Pincus set up, I had a chance to talk to Marc Schirmeister and hear the latest about Taral’s health and recovery. Craig Miller, co-chair of this year’s Loscon, arrived and we table-sat for awhile, discussing his guests and publicity plans. Michael Toman came by and introduced himself, saying he reads File 770 often.

The Civic Auditorium has a stage at one end, and that’s where the Loscon and Horror Writers Association had tables. With an elevated view of the whole event, during the 11 a.m. hour I could see throngs of collectors carrying small piles of books for Jason Brock, William F. Nolan, Mel Gilden, Barbara Hambly, Joe Lansdale, Tim Powers, John Shirley and others to sign. At noon the sf/f writers included Dick Lupoff, Michael Kurland, and David J. Schow.

Larry Niven, Mike Glyer, and Jerry Pournelle. Photo by John King Tarpinian.

After lunch I got to have a long talk with Jerry Pournelle about his recollections of working in defense and on the space program in the early Sixties. He and I also compared notes about getting around on walkers. Larry Niven joined us, and when Steven Barnes came to say hello they had an impromptu 30-second story conference about the book the three are writing. I also had a chance to greet Harry Turtledove and Gregory Benford.

The Paperback Show is a terrific one-day event with a great spirit that reminds everyone why they’re glad they found the sf/f community. If you’re local, be sure to come out when it’s held again next year.

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8 thoughts on “2017 LA Vintage Paperback Show

  1. That’s “Blazing Sun”, not “Amazing Sun”.

    And I have too many books already, most of them paperback. (I’d offer a bunch to Alice and Marty, but they’re in the back corner of a storage unit.)

  2. P J Evans: So it is. You can appertain a little more. I should appertain a little less…

  3. Thank you Mike, everything was pretty much a blur to me. But my feet are reminding me that I walked 14 miles during my 13 hour day. I’m not much of a funny book guy but I found a series of Keith Laumer’s Retief funny books that I was unaware of. Even found a paperback of a Bradbury with a cover I did not already own.

  4. It’s a great show. Well worth going to just for all the old friends you run into. Plus all the books.

    Thanks again for helping man the Loscon table.

  5. Total paid attendance was 567. If we add comp. tickets we had in excess of 600 souls.

  6. Eric Flint edited and Baen published 7 thick collections of Anvil’s books about 10 years ago, in hardback and trade paper. They have everything by him I remember having seen, and much I hadn’t. You might want to check them out.

  7. I would have loved to be there. Sounds like a good time was had by all.

    I used to go to Loscon semi-regularly, but haven’t had the dosh to do it in quite a while. I miss it.

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