2018 World Fantasy Convention Awarded To Baltimore

Ann Marie Rudolph and Bill Lawhorn will co-chair the 2018 World Fantasy Convention, to  be held November 1-4 in Baltimore, MD.

Their first two announced Guests of Honor are Michael J. Walsh and Tom Kidd.

The convention’s themes will be:

Ports in a Storm

During a major storm, there is nothing safer than a good port. Situated in Baltimore’s Inner Harbor, WFC2018 plans to explore all forms of safe havens. From churches to oases and ports, there are many places of sanctuary which provide respite for characters in fantasy, horror, and weird tales. Each of these places will be explored.

Celebrating the 200th Anniversary of Frankenstein

Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein; or, The Modern Prometheus, was first published in 1818. It remains relevant and has influenced writers throughout its history. There are multiple films, novels, and homages to the work. WFC2018 plans to explore these influences and its derivative works.

The 2018 World Fantasy Con’s conduct, accessibility and other policies are posted here.

[Thanks to Michael J. Walsh for the story.]

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7 thoughts on “2018 World Fantasy Convention Awarded To Baltimore

  1. Thanks Rob and Cally!

    The Baltimore crew seems to be on top of things, policy-wise.

    FWIW, it’s the combined effort of Baltimore and Washington fandom. A goodly number of folks worked on the 2014 WFC. And even some from the 2003 WFC.

    Having chaired 3 of the past 4 WFCs in the Balt-Wash area, I am soooooo pleased to see new folks running it. Should be fun!

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