2023 Hugo Finalist Voting Statistics Posted

The 2023 Hugo Awards were presented October 21 during a ceremony at the Chengdu Worldcon. Today the committee released the voting statistics for the finalists, which show how the winners were determined.  The report is available here: https://file770.com/wp-content/uploads/2023-Hugo-Awards-Stats.pdf.

Still due to be released are the voting figures from the nominating ballots.  Hugo Administrator Dave McCarty wrote on Facebook, “We will definitely have them out before the deadline of 90 days post convention, but right now ‘No, I don’t have an expected release date.’’”

54 thoughts on “2023 Hugo Finalist Voting Statistics Posted

  1. Macmillan would be promoting the best books if it believed being a Hugo finalist/winner connoted exceptional quality, wished to attract excellent authors/staff and generate long-term sales, and cared about the imprints’ future health and success more than a quick buck.

  2. And of course, you, Brian Z, are the ultimate arbiter of what are “the best books,” and only those who share your tastes should be catered for.

  3. It is interesting to note that if you stopped the vote counting after a single round, plurality decides the winner, in almost every case (OK, not SemiProZine) the winner of the Hugo would have been the same.

    Perhaps a new category “Romance Novel with Stfnal Elements” would satisfy some complaints.

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