A Brand New Mistake

Once upon a Worldcon Tony Lewis was a panelist at the Spanish Inquisition, there to field questions from the audience about a Boston bid that heavily touted its conrunning experience. A campaign like that can cut either way unless it is handled with the ingenuity and humor Tony displayed. After insisting experience would keep them from repeating the mistakes of the past, he promised with a smile: “We will make only brand new mistakes that no one has ever made before.”

It’s not easy for a Worldcon to make a mistake no one has ever made before. But Mike Kennedy, editor of the Huntsville clubzine The NASFA Shuttle, discovered a brand new one made on the Anticipation web site.

Mike originally printed comments about the long distance between the Montreal Worldcon’s convention center and its main hotel, because the 2009 Worldcon’s web site linked to the Delta Montreal. Mike learned afterwards:

“In fact, the main hotel is the Delta Centre-Ville – a different hotel in the same chain. The Montreal Worldcon web site at that time had the correct name of the hotel, but a web link to the wrong hotel. Once your editor discovered the error, the con was informed and their web site quickly fixed.”

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