A Con With No Parties?

Archon 33 didn’t want to be the guinea pig that tests whether a con can survive without any parties — they simply were given no choice.

Archon is a regional convention held in the Collinsville Gateway Center, across the Mississippi from St. Louis in Southern Illinois.

They cut ties last January with their long-time main hotel (the Hotel Collinsville, formerly the Holiday Inn) because the new management’s refusal to allow room parties was “too stringent.”

However, since January the committee hasn’t been able to convince any of the other hotels in the Center to allow parties, either. Here is the official announcement:

After months of effort, Archon regrets to report that none of the hotels in the area around the Gateway Center are wiling to allow room parties. We are deeply disappointed in this turn of events and sincerely apologize to our members for this situation. Room parties have always been a part of our rich history and one that we wish we could continue.

Surprisingly sober, Archon 33 will take place October 2-4, 2009.

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5 thoughts on “A Con With No Parties?

  1. I find myself wondering how the committee described the room parties to hotel management!

  2. Maybe they read about the parties for themselves in that 2004 article in Riverfront Times which drew all these complaining letters from fans, such as the one from Chris Barkley trying to assure everyone that “Archon was not was a 72-hour romp through Sodom and Gomorrah.” Ook ook.

  3. I have no doubt that cons can survive without room parties: for one thing, British ones always have.

    But being American, I wouldn’t want to go to a North American con with no room parties.

    The link in your 12:40 am comment is broken, Mike; it goes to this post.

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