3 thoughts on “A Groot Suit

  1. First!

    Well, sort of first; the answer to Sanford is I haven’t a clue; costumers do not disclose their secrets to others, not least because they will be stolen at the speed of life.

    Costumers are, of course, rather more paranoid then the average person, but they have good reason to be paranoid. I had to physically demand that my fur samples be returned to me, notwithstanding their sincere belief that it’s much to keep them for a century or so..

  2. Probably foam. The guy who created a Groot suit in the Masquerade at WorldCon did an awesome job. Because the ninjas were busy I ended up helping him get into his costume and it was a lot of work, pulling, pushing, tugging. Groot’s feet were metal contraptions and his shoes were velcroed onto the Groot feet. And he was sweating a lot. It’s not comfortable to wear or a costume you could wear for very long.

    I’ve seen instructions on how to use pool noodles to make a creditable Groot costume.

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