A Second October Con Fails

It lasted 23 years, but fans may have seen the last of Contraception (the Adult SF Relaxacon), the annual Kansas City-area event.  

Despite a note on the convention website advising fans to look for news about a 2012 edition, Susan Satterfield’s cancellation sounds rather final:

Due to financial issues (low to almost non-existent pre-registrations and room reservations), we’ve had to cancel Contraception. We just can’t afford to take the loss of running a con which could not even pay for itself. Economic times have made it difficult for everyone, and we completely understand why many fans of Contra just couldn’t fit it into their budget. To be honest, we NEVER thought our silly little con would last this long. When Cindy and I started it 23 years ago, we thought we’d be lucky to last 3 or 4 years.  It’s been a great run, and I’ll carry many fond memories of all the good times.  If you pre-registered for the convention, please contact me to make arrangements for reimbursement. When everything is taken care of the money left, if any –which is doubtful –will go to the Furry Kids Refuge, a local no-kill shelter which has been Contra’s charity for the last four years.

The con would have been held October 21-23, which coincidentally is the same weekend the cancelled 2011 Albacon would have taken place. Albacon, however, has definite expectations of resuming in 2012.

[Via Chronicles of the Dawn Patrol.]

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