Adventure Interruptus

Jukka Halme’s GUFF travel schedule looked like it might be shot to hell on the very first day.

My goodness! Where has the time gone? It’s already the 19th of March and I’ll be taking off in less than 10 hours! Kääk! I have so many things I need to do.

While I’m tripping the Australia fantastic, I’ll try to be more active with this blog, my Facebook page and Twitter, but all that will depend on my chances of getting online. Here’s hoping.

My Australian schedule looks something like this:

21.3. Arriving in Sydney at 6:50AM

Flight delayed due to broken windshield. Will miss my connecting flight from Singapore to Sydney. Everything will be revealed when we get to Chengi. I hope.

Finnair shows his flight is still en route at this writing.

He also told his Facebook friends —

Not only did they replace the windshield, but they found an malfunctioning antenna in the fuselages that added the repair time. Added excitement!

Follow developments on Twitter, @jukkahoo, and his blog, Eating Muffins in an Agitated Manner.

Update 03/20/2016: Halme has made it to Singapore and expects to reach Sydney about four hours later than originally scheduled. // Halme has arrived —

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