Air Brush One Completes New York Fly-By

By David Klaus: When the VC-25 “Air Force One” plane and two Air Force F-16s flew over New York, scaring the crap out of everyone, this is the picture they were trying to get, only with the Statue of Liberty rather than Mount Rushmore in the frame.

So Adam “Mojo” Lebowitz, Emmy Award-winning CGI wizard for Babylon 5, Star Trek: Voyager, and Battlestar Galactica made the point that it could have been accomplished without scaring anyone, by creating a scene of the same buildings, but with a flyby instead by BSG’s Colonial One and two Vipers. (Ironically the pilot nickname for the F-16 is “Viper.”)

And now it turns out that the federal government won’t even use the New York photos or otherwise release them to the public.

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