All Jacq’d Up

Visitors may like the idea that what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. When that’s where you live and you want to win a fan fund trip out of town, keeping it all a secret is the last thing you want to do.  So Jacqueline Monahan and friends are promoting her TAFF candidacy in a new fanzine All Jacq’d Up #1 [PDF File].

Alan White’s cover is the signature artwork. Copious examples of Monahan’s own fanwriting are accompanied by contributions from Nic Farey, Steve Green, John DeChancie, John Purcell, John Nielsen-Hall and Aileen Forman.

John Nielsen-Hall has some of the best lines in the issue:

She was, as I recall the best new Fan Writer or some such category winner, and it’s always good that someone wins an award for actually doing something, like writing, not least because too many of us folks in this part of the State of Fandom are Old and Fat and not doing very much of anything, except sitting around with our computers all day and indulging in idle gossip and speculation, very often about who Jacqueline Monahan actually is…

If you read the zine, you’ll find out.

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