Anne Francis (1930-2011)

Actress Anne Francis died January 2, age 80; her most famous stfnal movie role was Altaira in Forbidden Planet (1956). However, more Americans are likely to remember her as the star of Honey West, the first female detective to be featured in a weekly TV series.

Other genre appearances: Portrait of Jennie (1948), The Rocket Man (1954), The Twilight Zone (1960, 1963; the first of these was the classic episode “The After-Hours”), Wonder Woman (tv, 1976), Conan (tv, 1997).

[Thanks to Steve Green and David Klaus for the story.]

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2 thoughts on “Anne Francis (1930-2011)

  1. It’s more than a little weird that while she was dying, we were watching her as young and vibrant on Turner Classic Movies, which had pre-scheduled Forbidden Planet for that very same day.

    “Alta, about a million years from now the human race will have crawled up to where the Krell stood in their great moment of triumph and tragedy. And your…name will shine again like a beacon in the galaxy.”

    Not a bad epitaph.

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