Apollo 13 Anniversary Coming

Fans will make a pilgrimage to the Kansas Cosmosphere and Space Center in 2010 to mark the 40th anniversary of the Apollo 13 mission. Roger Tener and readers of Chronicles of the Dawn Patrol have circled the April 16-17 weekend on their calendars when Astronauts Jim Lovell and Fred Haise, Flight Director Gene Kranz and other Mission Control and NASA personnel are expected to join the celebration.

The Cosmosphere did the Apollo 13 command module restoration and keeps it on display along with Jim Lovell’s flown spacesuit.

The 40th anniversary weekend will include panel discussions, screenings of the Apollo 13 movie and other documentaries, a gala dinner, a chance for photos with the Apollo 13 Command Module, and autograph opportunities.

[Via Chronicles of the Dawn Patrol.]

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