April Gutierrez Review: Kopali Organics Chocolate Covered Bananas

Review by April Gutierrez: Founded in Costa Rica in 2004, Kopali Organics seeks to provide access to global markets for small-scale farmers who are growing crops in a healthy and natural manner, eschewing  pesticides and needless destruction of the local environment. The company has since expanded its efforts beyond Costa Rica’s borders and currently provides ten organic vegan snacks from farmers around the world, five fruits and five chocolates.

Up for review is one of the company’s 2-oz. snack packs, containing organic dark chocolate covered bananas. The ingredients list is short and simple: dark chocolate and bananas, vanilla for flavor, soy lecithin as an emulsifier, and some rice flour.  There are no preservatives, no artificial flavors or straight up sugar; there is evaporated cane juice in the chocolate, serving to stave off the bitterness dark chocolate can be prone to. The result is an absolutely delightful treat sure to please fans of bananas and chocolate alike.  Chocolate goes well with many fruits, and bananas are no exception. These bite-sized nuggets are moist and chewy (the latter a bit of a surprise, but not unwelcome as far as texture goes) and the taste is a delicious blend of the two flavors, strongly reminiscent of freshly baked banana chocolate chip bread. The treats strike a good balance between the chocolate and banana, so that one isn’t tempted to peel the former to get to the latter (or to discard the latter) — they’re simply perfect just as they are.

In theory there’s two 120 calorie servings in each pouch, but I dare anyone to stop at just one handful!

Kopali’s Facebook pages have more information their philosophy, products, and most importantly, a list of places where they can be purchased.

April Gutierrez, Japanese fan. A Green Man Review reviewer. A life-long lover of chocolate and felines, she indulges in the former frequently and shares her abode with a rather spoiled specimen of the latter. She can most commonly be found with her nose buried in a book, a cup of good tea in hand and Japanese pop music playing in the background.

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