Artist Charlie Williams Has Died

Fanartist Charlie Williams of Knoxville, TN died September 3 of cancer. (A different fan than the Charlie Williams of Nashville who died in April of this year.)

He first came to prominence as a regular contributor to Chat, the Chattanooga clubzine published by Rich and Nicki Lynch. He also later appeared in all 30 issues of their Hugo-winning genzine Mimosa.

Williams was a member of the Knoxville Science-Fantasy Federation and in the 1970s, he owned a comics store in Knoxville and taught cartoon illustration at the University of Tennessee. At one time he was a member of the Spectator Amateur Press Association.

Guy H. Lillian III noted, “I needn’t tell you how much brilliant fan art he gifted to Southern fandom” – including Guy’s own Challenger. In 1984 Williams won the Southpaw Award for Best Humorist given at DeepSouthCon.

Williams’ friend Rusty Burke visited him not long ago and he told Facebook readers: “I was privileged to be with Charlie near the end, while Shelly and I were in Knoxville. I hope he was aware I was there, telling everyone in the room how important he was to me. He really helped set my life on the course it has taken since college days. So many memories, so many good times, such a remarkable guy. He leaves behind his wonderful wife, Sylvia (who fed me I don’t know how many meals, and heaping helpings of good feedback and advice, back in the ’70s and early ’80s, before I left Knoxville), son Chuck, daughter Olivia, and her husband Ian and their children Liam, Soleil, and Luna.” 

He was guest of honor at Imagincon ’81 (1981), Con*Stellation II (1983), and Roc*Kon 8 (1983).

Williams loved to draw complex, inventive scenes several of which are displayed below, including a cover for an issue of File 770 from the Eighties.

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6 thoughts on “Artist Charlie Williams Has Died

  1. The one for “Draco Tavern” – I see a sessile grog, a Kzin, a Puppeteer, and down there in the bottom right corner – that’s Larry.

  2. The “Draco Tavern” art reminds me of Wally Wood’s drawing style in the original (comic book) version of Mad. I also noticed Larry.

  3. J Evans says The one for “Draco Tavern” – I see a sessile grog, a Kzin, a Puppeteer, and down there in the bottom right corner – that’s Larry.

    I see a cat in the upper left hand region. Wasn’t there a story by him about alien big frelling cats that hunted colonists? And that the colonists taught their children not to believe in them?

  4. I still have a number of the art pieces Charlie did for me. We moved from each others orbits, but kept track of each other with Social Media the past few years. What memories!

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