Barcelona Will Host Eurocon 2016

eurocon Barcelona 2016 _jpg_pagespeed_ic_B_V-kDdLAUThe city of Barcelona (Spain) has won the right to hold Eurocon 2016. The result was announced this weekend at Shamrokon.

The Guests of Honor will be writers Aliette de Bodard (France), Richard Morgan (UK), fan organizer Jun Miyazaki (Hungary), and artist Enrique Corominas (Spain).

The con committee is led by Pep Burillo (Chair), publisher and bookstore owner Alejo Cuervo, author Ian Watson, and event organizers Cristina Macía, Ana Díaz Eirizm Oskar Arias (von Arien), Lupe Lorenzana, Raquel Lozano Álvarez, Ismael Ávalos Pérez, and Miquel Codony.

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