Brad Foster Announces
“My Corner of the Weird” Blog

By Brad W. Foster: This one might be kind of out of the blue, but thought I’d drop you a line and see if I could tap into the vast world-wide communications system that is the File 770 zine-and-blog to get the word out that I am now also trying my hand at the whole bloggy thing! My Corner of the Weird is happening over at

It started out some months ago when a small press publisher set it up, and asked me to drop in a cartoon now and then.  Recently they handed the full reins of it over to me, and I thought it might be fun to try and do more with it. So recent posts have been not just cartoons, but some lesser-seen art pieces, old and new. Also hoping to put in notes for projects-in-works, photos from both fandom and the art festival circuit, and other such goodies. You know, the whole bloggy experience.

However, the MAIN reason I want to get the word out is totally evil. (Okay, partly evil.) I’ve got a small non-monetary side-bet going with another cartoony buddy on who can get more little faces in those boxes on our blogs. So I’m trying to spread the word about mine. I’m not proud, I’ll even accept people clicking in as followers who have no intention to ever look at it again. I’m such a cheat!

I do promise folks that I will work to add content on a fairly regular basis, so it won’t be static. But mainly, help me fake this other artist into believing I actually do have “followers”! And for anyone who has followers of their own blogs, you need to convince them to follow mine as well. Again, I don’t expect anyone to waste their time coming back that often to see my pointless posts, BUT this has nothing to do with content, I’m going for sheer numbers no matter how I must cheat to get them!

(We haven’t actually decided how long this will last, or what will constitute a “win”, but maybe if I can get a bunch of new folks at once, we’ll be able to wrap it up.)

Anyway Mike, any help you can give in spreading the word of my nefarious plan would be appreciated. He’s not hooked into the sf community, so I don’t think this will get back to him. (Cackle, cackle, rubbing together of hands.)

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3 thoughts on “Brad Foster Announces
“My Corner of the Weird” Blog

  1. A blog would probably solve a lot of my problems. Whenever I write another article, long or short, I wonder what to do with it. This happens four or five times a month, so it’s constantly on my mind. Of course, if I just wrote to a blog, several fanzines that have come to rely on my regular contributions would develop a black hole in their hearts.

    There isn’t any liklihood of it, though. I have a cut-rate DSL service that costs me only $5 more than a dial-up, and that’s about as much as I can afford. I get no webspace. For that matter, I have no idea how to make a webpage anyway. It’s something to do with my Adobe Acrobat software… I think. It’s all academic anyway, since I have no space and I must fanac elsewhere.

  2. Oh, you definitely need to do a blog, Taral! And these are easy to set up- I was surprised, too, thought it would be harder. There’s no charge for it, and with DSL, even a slower connection, you should have no problem uploading text and images.
    Seriously, I never thought I could do this, and being tossed in the deep end, found out it’s not that hard. Go to my blog and click on that “Create Blog” at the upper right corner. You’ll have to set up a Google account, but that’s also free. Then they’ll take you through all you need to know. There is nothing technical you ned to do, it’s all templates and fill-in-the-blank kind of stuff.
    LOVE to see you do a blog my man. I’d follow it for sure!
    Do it! Do it!

  3. We shall see. I do keep a lively presence in FurAffinity, and a lesser one in DeviantArt. I’m also on FaceBook. All three have their followings, but the one things I’ve come to believe is that you can you can put out water, but you can’t even lead fans to it, let alone make them drink.

    If tens of thousands of people are hitting on Terry Practchit’s blog or going to the site to watch the rotisserie chicken turn, why do only a couple of hundred routinely download from eFanzines?

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