Bradbury Part of Oscar In Memoriam Reel

Ray Bradbury was among those paid tribute by the filmmaking community during last night’s Oscar ceremonies during the traditional in memoriam montage. A still photo of Bradbury was followed by a clip of him saying, “…the ability to fantasize is the ability to grow.”

I don’t know if there’s a legitimate copy of the video online, but if you’re willing peer over the shoulder of the film fan who posted this video of himself doing commentary as a recording of the list plays in the background [YouTube], you can make out Ray’s quote because, fortunately, the guy was inhaling when it came on. Ray appears at the 2:21 mark.

Update 02/25/2013: John sent a link to the Oscar segment containing the In Memoriam hosted at Hulu. It starts about 10 minutes in.

[Thanks to John King Tarpinian for the story.]

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