Burns: Happy Birthday, George Wells

By Jim Burns: Today is the 70th birthday of that other notable Wells, longtime science fiction fan, George!

George Wells, a native New Yorker (from SuffolkCounty, Long Island), attended his first Lunacons in 1958 and 1960), and then… College helped intiate a long gap from fandom!  He became a librarian (with a Masters Degree), and returned to the convention scene in 1972… And soon also became involved with APA fandom.

George and his wife, Jill (nee Simmons) –soon to celebrate their thirty-sixth anniversary — met via a local Star Trek club she co-founded in Suffolk, and moved to Arizona, some years ago… George is still a big-time SF fan, and their next convention sojourn will be to Deep Southcon, in April!

2 thoughts on “Burns: Happy Birthday, George Wells

  1. He helped gain wider acceptance for the novelisation of THE WEREWOLF VERSUS THE VAMPIRE WOMAN, which he alluded to in a conversation as “the scariest thing about this book is its sentence structure.” The book is, however, another kettle of mutant fish.
    And his middle name is Horace.

  2. Much better to read about a birthday and a long, happy marriage than an obituary any day! Congratulations to both of them, and may they live as long as they love and love as long as they live.

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