BVC’s Omnibus Editions

Sarah Zettel's "Paths to Camelot"

Book View Cafe is offering omnibus editions of four of its most popular book series: Jay Caselberg’s Jack Stein (Wyrmhole, Metal Sky, The Star Tablet and Wall of Mirrors), Vonda N. McIntyre’s Starfarers Quartet (Starfarers, Transition, Metaphase, Nautilus), Steven Harper’s Silent Empire (Dreamer, Nightmare, Offspring, Trickster), and Sarah Zettel’s Paths to Camelot (In Camelot’s Shadow, For Camelot’s Honor, Under Camelot’s Banner, Camelot’s Blood). 
Each omnibus contains four complete novels in a single large file. The books are available in several DRM-free formats. 
Get all four in the BVC bookstore.

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