Carl Slaughter Hugo Eligibility Post

By Carl Slaughter: 2016 was a good year. 225 interviews, features, profiles, reviews, essays, editorials, and news tips in three major fanzines, File 770, SF Signal, and Amazing Stories.

Ken Liu and Cixin Liu at the Autograph Session during SFWA Nebula Weekend 2015.

Ken Liu and Cixin Liu at the Autograph Session during SFWA Nebula Weekend 2015.

This includes the first English interview with Liu Cixin (Liu Cixin, The 3 Body Problem, and the Growth of SF in China), exclusive author commentary from Michael Swanwick (Swanwick Sets the Frame for his Mongolian Wizard Series; and Michael Swanwick On His (Many) Short Story Collections); interviews with Ann Leckie, Tina Connolly, Jason Sanford, Kris Rusch, Dean Wesley Smith (man that guy cranks out the volume), Kevin J. Anderson (man that guy cranks out the volume), Jonathan Maberry (man that guy cranks out the volume), and Mike Resnick (man that guy cranks out the volume); editors and publishers of Clarkesworld (Neil Clarke), Starship Sofa (Jeremy Szal), Escape Pod (Alasdair Stuart), and Amazing Stories (Steve Davidson); so many SWFA and HWA administrators and former administrators I lost count (M.C.A. Hogarth, Kate Baker, Lee Martindale); a couple of game pioneers; a couple of Hollywood script writers and novelizers; and a fistful of awesome debut authors.

Ann Leckie

Ann Leckie

Features on a horde of series and trilogy authors, including the Joe Ledger, Hard Luck Hank, Young Wizards, and Shannara series. Several anthologies and encyclopedias. Popular discussions about cover art (Describe Your Favorite Cover Art) and piracy. Fascinating and controversial memories from Ray Bradbury (Ray Bradbury and the Power of the Subconscious in Storytelling; Ray Bradbury Versus the Idiots.)

Launched a series of guest essays (Rick Deckard: Overrated!, Carl Slaughter’s Open Letter to the CEO of Google; Techno Dystopia Premise; Fiction Philosophy) and a series about themed stories by debut authors.

None of this would have been possible without Mike Glyer, whose feature designs are second only to John DeNardo and whose turnaround time is blinding compared to other zine editors. Mike has been working hard to expand news coverage of books. 2016 is equally the fruit of his labor.

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  1. Oh shit that is Ken Liu. His thoughts on paper are incredible! Mike Resnik and Neil Clark’s are Outstanding with their books!

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