Carroll Spinney Parodies Oscar Nominee in “Big Birdman”

And if you don’t know who Caroll Spinney is already, you will about 90 seconds after you click on this spoof of Birdman.

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3 thoughts on “Carroll Spinney Parodies Oscar Nominee in “Big Birdman”

  1. During the Oscar telecast, they finally played a clip that made my wife & daughter want to see Birdman. I’m looking forward to that very much.

  2. . We saw another instance of the idea in _Hollywoodland_, which was fictionally about George Reeves’s real-life difficulties in escaping the shadow of a superhero role. But, perhaps more relevantly, another version of the story ran on the ’90s _Batman_ animated series, where Adam West voiced an actor who had played the Grey Ghost, a Green-Hornetesque crimefighter.

  3. Sesame Street also did a parody of “House of Cards” called “House of Bricks” in which “Frank Underwolf” blows a lot of houses down!

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