Cathy Ball, James Brazzell Passings Revealed

A couple who were once regulars at Midwestern events like OKCon, Conestoga, Soonercon and ConQuesT have passed away within a few months of one another.

Cathy Ball-Brazzell, 59, died July 5 from cancer and other complications. She was a graduate of the Clarion Writers Workshop and founder of the Dorsal Fin Society writers group in Norman, OK where she also ran a bookstore for several years.

Ball had several stories published. Mike Resnick bought her satirical “Love’s Purient Interest” for Shaggy B.E.M. Stories (1988). Algis Budrys published “Body Bag” (1993), “Going Gentle” (1993) and “Greenhouse” (1994) in Tomorrow Speculative Fiction.

Ball married James Brazzell in 2004. Brazzell passed away in December 2011 at the age of 58. The cause was not reported.

The Norman Transcript ran a full-length obituary.

[Via Roger Tener and Chronicles of the Dawn Patrol.]

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