11 thoughts on “Cats Sleep on SFF: All of Them

  1. Pretty cat! While i don’t have cats, I have 4 dogs who have taken up shedding as a vocation, so I also have your rug – many of them, in all sizes. Hides the fur, i can wash them with a hose, and the pups have a comfy place to sleep during those rare times they’re not hogging the couches and the beds. Love IKEA!

  2. @Hampus Eckerman: Beautiful, and I understand how tough the choice is! You have some nice books there.

    Also, great rug; my parents had (I forget who has it now, after they downsized) one very similar.

  3. @Hampus Eckerman: Oh, okay, I missed that. Sorry @Another Laura!

    My parents’ rug pre-dates IKEA so it may be a real Persian rug (they’ve had several; some hand-made & some machine-made) or not, I forget.


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