Chengdu Worldcon Bid Announces Ambassadors

The Chengdu in 2023 Worldcon bid named four new ambassadors in conjunction with a book launch held in Shenzhen in late September.

One is Emily X. Jin, a Yale University East Asian Languages and Literature PhD student, and sff translator. She tweeted that the occasion was the launch of The Search for Philip K. Dick, her translation, and the first-ever PKD biography in Chinese.

Jin, Dr. Rafaela Yilun Fan (chief editor of the book) , sf scholar Fan Zhang, writer Yang Liu, and Guibing Ma, founder of the Shenzhen Scifi Development Fund, all received their Chengdu Bid Ambassadors Certificates.

Fan Zhang is the founder and director of Fishing Fortress SF Center in Chongqing, China. He got his Ph.D. in science fiction studies from Beijing Normal University and MFA in creative writing from Fudan University. The Center was officially established on December 28, 2019 at the School of Communication of Chongqing University of Posts and Telecommunications.

Example of ambassador appointment document.

6 thoughts on “Chengdu Worldcon Bid Announces Ambassadors

  1. I will ask both bids at the fannish inquisition, Is there any censorship of discussions about Taiwan, Tiananmen Square or Tibet? I suspect that Memphis will answer “huh?”

    Same for Hong Kong.

  2. There was an article yesterday in The Guardian reporting that a French museum exhibition about Genghis Khan was cancelled after the Chinese government demanded that the words “Genghis Khan” and “Mongol” be removed from the exhibition. Chinese authorities also demanded power over the exhibition’s brochures and maps.

    This seems maybe relevant?

  3. The way US/ China relations are currently trending, no one from here may be able to get a visa there by 2022.
    Nevertheless, I still support this bid. For all the. For fans who aren’t able to come to a Western country for a Worldcon.

  4. Chengdu is a beautiful city that I remember with great fondness. I hope that things will work out in such a way that people feel comfortable going there.

  5. China: making the US look good on civil rights and censorship for (number) years.

    How are they about openly QUILTBAG people? And non-smokers?

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