Chris Cooper Passes Away

Popular British fan Chris Cooper died July 4, according to an announcement by his family copied to the Smofs listserve.

The new July issue of Ansible reported at the time of publication that Cooper had been in ICU at a London hospital for the two previous weeks, comatose and on a ventilator, but doctors were uncertain why he had suddenly collapsed. Although Cooper had been fighting a major illness for over a year, reportedly that was not considered the direct cause of his final hospitalization.

Chris, a very tall fan (6’ 11”) sometimes referred to as the Jolly Green Giant, was an internationally-known sf convention runner who went to his first convention in 1977. Over the years he attended over 100 cons in 8 countries, including 18 in North America. In 2007, he worked on the Japanese Worldcon.

Chris once wrote about himself, “My real interests are SF, beer, malt whisky, fireworks (and the organisation of cons and beer festivals) but mostly I have to work as a Systems Programmer.” I remember him as a friendly and good-humored fellow, and am sorry I will not see him again.

The family announcement concludes, “We will pass on funeral arrangements once we know them. Many thanks for all the kind messages we have been receiving. Barbara and John Stewart & Kate and Andy Camroux.”

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