Cider Reviews Lamb Tripe Treats

Happy Fourth of July! A dog who is mostly indifferent to fireworks helps make it so.

Review by Cider: Lis got me this packet of Lamb Tripe Treats from our friend Paula, who does important stuff for the Greater Derry Humane Society. I could tell right away it smelled really good, but despite my best efforts I couldn’t get it open myself. Lis did it easily; I think she cheated this time. This kind is called “green tripe,” but I don’t know what other kinds there are.

So then she let me sniff one of the tripe thingies.

As I had suspected, it smelled really yummy! Lis says it’s made from a lamb’s stomach lining, and lots of humans don’t like it, but most dogs do. Cats, too. All I can say is, if you humans don’t like it, more for us hardworking service animals, mousers, credentials, and household companions.

Turns out they also break easily into smaller pieces, so “it will spoil your supper” will never be a valid excuse for not letting me have some!

With any luck, Lis won’t get much better at breaking them up. What are my chances, do you think?

I decided to go for the smaller piece first,

but I kept a close eye on the packet and the bigger piece, and got the bigger piece, too.

Fortunately, it turns out Lis wasn’t kidding about not liking it herself, and I got to finish off the whole stick!

It’s good to know that this is a healthy, chewy treat for both dogs and cats, who are I think the two most popular credentials and household companions here. I honestly don’t know if it’s good for birds. I suppose it might depend on what kind of bird.

But dogs and cats can enjoy it safely.

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