Clarke’s Last Novel

The reports HarperCollins has acquired U.K. and Commonwealth rights to the late Arthur C. Clarke’s final book, The Last Theorem, co-written with Frederik Pohl.

The book had originally been scheduled for publication [in the UK] by Gollancz, but the rights recently became available. The book will be published later this year in hardback and as a deluxe collectors’ edition. HC also plans to relaunch its Clarke backlist.

The U.S. hardcover is still announced as forthcoming from Del Rey in August 2008.

(In an interview with Clarke the spelling of “theorem” was different than used by Thebooksellertheorum  — and at this writing I don’t know whether that is a typo or just a difference in U.S. and U.K. spellings.)

 [Thanks to Andrew Porter for the link.]

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