Conrad Fowkes, Tim Hart Pass Away

Actor Conard Fowkes, 76, who died December 14 of pancreatic cancer, appeared in numerous episodes of the TV show “Dark Shadows.”

Tim Hart, 61, a founding member of the Brit folk-rock group Steeleye Span, died December 24 of lung cancer. He first partnered with Maddy Prior in 1966, recording 2 albums of “Folk Music of Olde England.” In 1971 the pair teamed with Ashley Hutchings to form Steeleye Span, named for a character in a Lincolnshire folk song, “Horkstow Grange.” Hart left the group in 1983, but appeared at a charity concert in 1995, and appeared with Prior at a BBC concert in 2008.

Jim Freund did a 2-hour tribute to Steeleye Span on his “Hour of the Wolf” show for WBAI on January 2. The link to the archived program can be found on the program’s website.

[Thanks to Andrew Porter for the stories.]

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