CoNZealand 2022 Site Selection Payments Available

The advance membership tokens required for voters in the 2022 Worldcon Site Selection can now be purchased through the CoNZeland website

Full information about buying tokens and guidelines for voting in 2022 Site Selection are available at the link. The deadline for CoNZealand to receive postal mailed ballots is July 13, and the deadline for email ballots is July 29 at 12:00n New Zealand time.

Whether you vote by mail or online, you must pay an Advance Supporting Membership (Voting) Fee of NZ$72 to vote in the 2022 Worldcon site selection. Payment may only be made via the information on the CoNZealand website, using your credit card. No checks or cash will be accepted by mail. Voters must purchase their site selection token before July 29 for their ballot to be counted. 

7 thoughts on “CoNZealand 2022 Site Selection Payments Available

  1. So, uh, is my token the one labeled Registration Number or the one labeled Supporting Membership?

  2. Your token is the confirmation #.. in addition to it displaying on the screen, it will be in the subject line of an email you receive. 13 digits in 3 chunks with dashes.

  3. Done! 🙂 Hopefully someone will let me know if I messed it up. I wonder if there’ll be an acknowledgement of the vote (separate from the fee receipt); there’s no auto-reply, at least.

  4. To answer my own question, I received a human reply to my site selection e-mail. 🙂

  5. Just sent in my Site Selection ballot. So glad that I could do it entirely from my computer; no envelopes and stamps necessary. Thank you, Tammy Coxen, for the confirmation that the Confirmation Number was the Voting Token number. Now I just have to hope for a vaccine by 2022 so I can actually attend; Chicago is the odds-on favorite, and Chicago is in my back yard….


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