Corflu on the Fly, Part III

During the lunch break, while Andy Hooper and company are rehearsing the play, I used the internet kiosk here in the lobby to inspect the online video. There was a lively group online, including Curt Phillips, Geri Sullivan and Dian Crayne. Curt confirmed that the video feed is good enough, and the audio is very good, although a buffering problem causes periodic freezes and drop outs. (James Taylor just came by, and answered my question about archives, that he thinks Bill Mills plans to put these up on his Voices of Fandom site).

This morning’s panel of Arnie Katz, Andy Hooper, James Taylor, Randy Byers and Mark Plummer assayed the future of Core Fandom. If there is an archival copy of the video feed that will help me — I made lots of notes, but didn’t end up with many good verbatim quotes, and those always make for a better report than just my homogized idea of what they said.

The panelists’ emphatic view that Core Fandom is not connected with science fiction may not have been new, and is doubtless correct, but when Arnie added the thought that, within an censorious society, which oppresses the weird, Core Fandom is a place where people can express themselves freely. While that came as part of an overall view different from mine, that individual point clicked as a possible explanation of why Archon looks as it does — an alternate culture gathering as much as an sf con.

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2 thoughts on “Corflu on the Fly, Part III

  1. I kept a transcript of what was said in the Virtual Corflu chat room during the “Where Is Our Fandom Going – and How Do We Get There?” Panel, and a suitably summarised version is here.

  2. One thing I like about fandom is that “weird” can be a compliment. When I commented, after seeing it on its release, that “Being John Malkovich” was a really weird film, fans were the ones who knew what I meant by that.

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