Court Rejects Kramer’s Contempt Motion

Ed Kramer, Dragon*Con founder, pleaded guilty to child molestation on December 2. Soon after he started serving 34 months of house arrest his attorney filed a contempt motion against his probation officer seeking to make it easier for Kramer to leave home for court-approved actions like medical appointments, religious services and grocery shopping.

However, Gwinnett County Superior Court Judge Karen Beyers dismissed the motion on February 28.

[Attorney] McNeill Stokes argued in court that Kramer was not permitted by Urie Josey, his probation officer, to visit a doctor or the emergency room without Josey’s permission. Josey contended that if he came to Kramer’s house and he wasn’t there, he would begin legal proceedings immediately.

“If I show up at his house and he’s not there, I don’t know if he was at the doctor, or halfway to Tennessee with kids in the car,” Josey said.

[Thanks to Nancy Collins for the story.]

3 thoughts on “Court Rejects Kramer’s Contempt Motion

  1. Is this guy still news? If he orders in pizza and blames his probation officer if he develops indigestion, will the story appear in File 770?

  2. Look at it as making up for the 20 + years no one paid attention while he was molesting kids at conventions.

  3. Kramer isn’t done yet. Provided he manages to serve out his 34 months, we’ll be hearing from him again. The man can’t help himself.

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