Craig Ferguson’s Relative Dimensions in Time and Space

By James H. Burns: There’s even more genre musical fun in this opening from Friday’s last broadcast of Craig Ferguson’s late night CBS talk show. (Throughout the evening, Ferguson had a Tardis on his desk, and the night before, mentioned he would love to be on Doctor Who, but was afraid he’d ruin it…) Perhaps oddly, I also found this musical montage, and ensemble, moving: Ultimately, what choice do we all have, but to keep “banging on?”

(We’d mention the multiplicity of star-turns, but then that might t ruin half the fun!)

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11 thoughts on “Craig Ferguson’s Relative Dimensions in Time and Space

  1. The Tardis has been on Craig’s desk for several years. He is a lifelong Dr. Who fan and in the course of his time on the program he had several of the former doctors as his guests, with David Tennant appearing as recently as a few weeks ago. In fact, the current Dr. Who was once the lead singer in an Eighties punk band that featured Craig as the drummer.

    Besides the Doctor, Ferguson is also something of a written sf enthusiast, too, and has occasionally mentioned writers like Ellison and Phil Dick on the show. In fact, only last week he raved wildly about the new MAN IN THE HIGH CASTLE series that’s coming soon from, I think, Netflix.

    It was a truly unusual and often unique talk show and I’ll miss his unfettered stream of consciousness style of humor a great deal. And besides, he had a robot sidekick, what could be cooler than that? *sigh*

  2. John Cleese did a cameo on DR. WHO once, without “ruining it”. (He’s in an art gallery, critiquing the TARDIS, when the Doctor runs past him, into the TARDIS and it vanishes.) And, of course, a Scotsman WAS the Doctor for a few years. (Not to mention that the 2nd Doctor had a kilted Companion.)

  3. Neil Gaiman was a constant guest on the show (Craig even had Neil’s wife’s ‘band’ in once, which stretched my tolerance that night), and by the conversations when Neil was on, Craig is quite well read in the field. He’s quite the fan of the skiffy genre in general.

  4. I nominate Craig Ferguson to be the Master of Ceremonies at the next Hugo Awards
    (and be sure to bring the gay robot skeleton with you!).

  5. Just curious: Has LASFS ever extended an invitation to Mr. Ferguson to visit or even join, or is it too insular to consider that possibility?

    (The same could be asked with regard to Natalie Morales, Felicia Day, Chris Hardwick, or his college roommate Wil Wheaton, who has written about attending LosCon and trading autographs with Larry Niven. What about your college classmate Bob Gale, Mike? There are others I could mention, but you get the idea.)

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