DC Digital Comics Skips Middleman?

DC Comics is making a major change to its distribution reports the Canadian Booksellers Association.

The publisher of Batman and Superman comics used to publish e-versions of its comic books only after the release of the hard copy versions.

Now the publishers has decided to release the hard copy and soft copy books simultaneously. Could this mean the end to many corner comic stores?

[Thanks to John Mansfield for the story.]

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7 thoughts on “DC Digital Comics Skips Middleman?

  1. What if some day there are no comic books, and your kids can’t read them unless they own a costly gizmo to download them from an even more costly app? Of course, maybe by then they’ll be used to receiving their superhero fixes from the big screen, and won’t bother to learn to read.

  2. DC Comics have been available digitally on the same day as physical for over a year now via Comixology as the press release linked to says.

  3. So a first e edition of a Superman Comic will be worth…? Reader and collectors will differ on approaches, as indicated above.

    I think all comics should be digitalized for those who want to enjoy them. The future of collecting may well be in doubt.

    I don’t agree with Taral. Kids will always want to read the “associated” adventures, as seen with numberous Star Trek and Star Wars novels.

  4. @Robert: There was a report last year that paper publishing was enjoying a boom in India. Maybe that will be another point of divergence between east and west, at least til the iPad type of tech gts really cheap.

  5. @andrew: Thanks for the clarification. I had just figured the CBA knew something I didn’t. Do you think this is having much impact on comic shops?

  6. However, the comics based on THE MAHABARATA won’t sell so readily here. I’ve seen some of the Inidan Comics. They have a nice crudity that matches the late 1949’s DC. But the ones I’ve seen deal with Hindu religion, so I don’t know if they have any hero who has multiple arms or was bitten by a radiactive cobra. But the ones about Humnuman seem nice.

    Has Japan made a move over to e graphics for their manga?

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