Denvention 3 At-The-Door Rates

You will be able to buy one-day rates for Denvention 3 after July 10th, 2008 (at this web site). The one day and at-the-convention rates, and membership transfer information, appear after the jump.

From the press release:

Full Membership: $225
Child Membership: $50
Kid-in-tow: Free

Daily rates
Wednesday: $55
Thursday: $75
Friday: $85
Saturday: $85
Sunday: $35

Supporting memberships remain at $50.

Supporting members (including voters) who upgrade to a full membership receive credit for the money they have already paid ($40 or $50).

Kids-in-tow must be accompanied by a parent or responsible adult at all times.

Installment plans should be paid off by July 10th.

Denvention has set-up a new E-mail address to handle membership transfers: [email protected].

If you want to transfer your membership to another person before the convention, contact us at [email protected]. Please allow seven to ten days for a membership transfer. We need the following information from the person transferring the membership: Name, Address, Postal Address, PIN Number, Membership Number. This information must match what is recorded in the membership database. Please also send the Name, Postal Address, Email Address, and Phone Number for the person to whom the membership is being transferred. The cutoff date for pre-con membership transfers is 25 July 2008.

If you wish to process a transfer by postal mail please mail the information above to Denvention3, P.O. Box 1349, Denver, CO 80201. Postal mail transfers need three weeks to process.

For at-con transfers please include the information requested above in a signed letter (on paper) and have the person who is receiving your membership bring it to the convention. At-con transfers require a phone number for the original member so that we can confirm the transfer if necessary.

For more information about Denvention 3, visit

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