DisCon III Co-Chair Fozard Resigns

DisCon III announced today that Colette H. Fozard has resigned as co-chair of the 2021 Worldcon committee.

5 thoughts on “DisCon III Co-Chair Fozard Resigns

  1. Colette is among the best people I’ve volunteered with, both inside fandom and outside of fandom.

    Her departure is a real loss to the Worldcon and to the SFF community.

  2. Thank you all for your kind thoughts – I truly appreciate them.


  3. Colette –
    I was so pleased when you came in as co-Chair, and know you put a tremendous amount of love and work into this. Now, instead of telling you how pleased I was I’m saying how sorry I am that you’re leaving. Whatever caused you to resign I hope tremendously that it won’t drive you away from working on conventions.

    A break, certainly – you’ve worked on how many Worldcons in a row? – but you’re damn good at this and leaving entirely would be a great loss. So take the break but come back when you start remembering when it was fun.

    (Don’t know how to put together a “yeah, I’m writing this and mean it” but WTF: I’m writing and and I do)

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