2 thoughts on “Dominic Frontiere (1931-2017)

  1. I was enough of a fan of The Immortal that when it was canceled after half a season, I made a point of watching the final episode in early 1971 – which was a proper series finale, the earliest one I know about. (He finds his brother.) Somewhere I have an audio cassette of that broadcast, including Frontiere’s orchestral finale that unmistakably told viewers the series was over.

    Having just played back the Youtube link, I realize that was probably the first time I’d ever heard Orson Welles’ voice – it would be a few years yet until I knew who he was.

  2. His Season 1 Outer Limits theme and incidental music is my favorite TV music ever. He also composed the theme for The Invaders with Roy Thinnes.

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