Double Check your Hugo Ballot!

Tammy Coxen, CoNZealand Hugo Adminstrator, reports a problem with online voting — and if you did not receive an email confirmation after voting you may be affected. Coxen explains:

We have discovered a bug in the Hugo voting interface that means a very few votes may not have been recorded. This mostly seems to happen when using the Safari browser on a Mac, but we have a couple of reports from other browser/device combinations.

    • If you received an email confirmation after voting, your votes have been entered into the system and you should not be concerned.
    • If you did NOT receive the email confirmation, please log back into the system and confirm that your votes have been recorded. If they have not, please try again using a different browser/device combination, preferably Chrome, as we have not had any reported problems from Chrome users. If you continue to have problems or need further assistance, please contact [email protected] 

You may also vote by downloading the fillable PDF ballot, filling it in, and emailing it to [email protected]. Please note that a typed name is acceptable for the signature line – you do NOT need to print, sign and scan your ballot.

We apologize for the inconvenience.

17 thoughts on “Double Check your Hugo Ballot!

  1. Thanks for the heads up! Didn’t get a confirmation yesterday, now to try to remember how I voted 🙂

  2. @Arwel Parry – first thing to do is check if they are in there or not – there are plenty of other reasons the email might have gone astray (spam folders and etc…)

  3. Got my latest confirmation using Windows 10, Chrome. My thanks to all the Hugo Administrators!

  4. I voted last week, and got my e-mail confirmation.

    And then today, Tammy sent me an e-mail saying that I’d managed to vote for two different people as the same # on the Astounding Award.

    I logged in and fixed it, but here’s the thing … when I logged into the ballot, it was clearly marked as an error where I had two #3s.

    My initial e-mail confirmation? Had turned one of those 3s into a 4, and subsequently re-numbered the lower spots on the ballot (where 4 became 5, and 5 became 6, as I intended). So my e-mail confirmation appeared correct, even though my ballot was in error.

    Moral of the story? Log in and double-check your ballot, looking for red.

    Also? Thank you, Tammy, for letting me know.

  5. I got a confirmation after I voted using Safari on an older MacBook running Mojave.

  6. @Kevin – just to reassure you and others: among thousands of votes, we picked up only one other case of a misnumbering of the ballot that would have had an impact on counting, and emailed you both. Glad you were able to fix it.

  7. @Nicholas Whyte, thank you for the reassurance! I’m sure I’m not the only one who logged back into obsessively scan the ballot looking for duplicate numbers…

  8. Cora Buhlert: I discovered the error warning unexpectedly — there was a category where I knew what I’d vote third and at the last moment was still deciding what to rank first and second. It wouldn’t let me start by voting “3”, of course.

  9. Note from your Hugo Admin here – if you did not get a confirmation email and are concerned that your ballot was not recorded, please just exit and re-enter the ballot screen – if you votes are still there, then you are good to go! If your ballot is blank, then reach out to [email protected] for assistance. We are receiving emailed ballots from people whose votes have already been recorded online, which is not optimal.

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