Ed Kramer Petitions CT Supreme Court

Although Ed Kramer lost an appeal in December to block his extradition to Georgia, he’s found a way to extend the contest one more round. Kramer petitioned Connecticut’s Supreme Court for certification, asking it to review the lower court’s decision.

That document was filed Dec. 19 and alleges that “the extradition documents provided by the demanding state of Georgia were facially insufficient, where those documents do not state an express finding of ‘probable cause,’ but instead are based on ‘sufficient cause.'”

Filed by attorney Susan M. Hankins, it posits that the appellate court erred in deeming Kramer a fugitive in the first place.

Due to Kramer’s “medical issues,” it said, “the court in (Gwinnett) accorded the petitioner unilateral control over further proceedings in the demanding state.”

A Connecticut assistant attorney general has filed in opposition, and requested an expedited proceeding.

Dragon*Con founder Kramer is accused of molesting three boys in Gwinnett, GA between 1996 and 2000. He was apprehended in Connecticut in 2011 in circumstances which resulted in his Georgia bond being revoked. The Gwinett County District Attorney has been trying to bring him back ever since.

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11 thoughts on “Ed Kramer Petitions CT Supreme Court

  1. Mr. Kramer’s annual share of DragonCon profits are serving him well. Instead of gaming the legal system for a decade, you’d think that an innocent person would use their money to try to clear their name instead spending it eluding their day in court.

  2. I have to agree with the previous comment. This has gone on way too long and it only makes it appear that Kramer is not innocent. I will be glad when this story has its end.

  3. @Don: Thanks for the link. I did this story last night, before the AJC story posted. I went looking (with Google) for new developments because there had been a surge of hits here from people keyword searching Kramer. This must have been the news item they were really interested in.

  4. That desire to make the news “go away” re Breen is what allowed Kramer the ability to prey on children with impunity. Old-school Fandom has a very sad and sordid history when it comes to dealing with these types of predators in its midst. Never again.

  5. Nancy: Understood, I can only think “it’s complicated”, but that’s not always the answer, since within fandom there’s the tendency to be at odds with society, with music, drugs and sex and computers. I agree that “looking the other way” had allowed illegal behavior to be overlooked, but even out of fandom this is a tendency. And worse in family and closely knit groups.

  6. I know ed personally and he world never do the things he was accused of. But I agree he needs go trial and get it over with he needs prove he is innocent in court he wasted a yrs just fighting not come back ga…I’ll be glad to see him again..my family and I love and miss ed alot..

  7. Kathy if you truly believe Ed is innocent than you’ve blinded yourself, I’m far from a liar and Ed will see justice he can run from it all he wants but his day in court is coming and I will not back down or retreat he will pay with his freedom for the things he did to me, not including the other victims. You proclaim his innocence and bouts about your love for him, but have you let your love blind you? I was 13 and some sick bastard decided I was a you for his pleasure but I’m not a naive child anymore, I’m 26 a Combat Vetran and I’m ready to end this and see that sick demented bastard rot in jail for why he put me through. Stand beside him help him escape from his actions, your only part of the problem not the solution. Ed knows he is guilty that’s why he has fought so hard to stay out of the court room the evidence against him is not arguable. I hide from none, I am a victim and am tired of people defending that bastard, I used my real name and will be there to look into ends eyes when the judge puts Ed away for life

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