Ellison’s Website Stats

Some sf bloggers like to parade their impressive stats. That’s never been the style at Harlan Ellison’s website. There Rick Wyatt presides as webmaster and for him it’s mainly about, “Whoa! More people are reading this site. How are we going to pay for the hosting plan?” He collects contributions from Ellison’s readers to pay the bills.

Yesterday Wyatt wrote that the site now gets 3,000 unique visitors and loads 10,000 pages a day. They exceed 100GB of bandwidth daily.

“Small potatoes to the Yahoos and Hulus but extraordinary traffic and growth for an author site,” said Rick.

That’s enough to make it one of science fiction’s most popular internet destinations — a surprising accomplishment for a site without the attraction of daily posts and political commentary from its namesake, and who comments only occasionally in the Visitors Forum. (He’s busy writing, you know!)

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