Eurocon 2022 Site Picked

Luxembourg was confirmed as the site of Eurocon 2022 in October during this year’s virtual Eurocon (2020/Rijeka).

It will also be that year’s annual Luxcon, and will be held in the very South of the Grand Duchy — in Dudelange, right next to the French border.

Here is the art for the forthcoming 2021 Luxcon —

[Thanks to Dave Lally for the story.]

2 thoughts on “Eurocon 2022 Site Picked

  1. And with that Eurocon/Luxcon (Thu 7-Sun 10 April 2022 inclusive) in Dudelange South Luxembourg (facebook page for this event) and the venue having the nearby CFL (Luxembourg Rail) Station of Dudelange (Usines), now just announced is the chosen venue –and just one week later– for the annual UK National SF Con : “Eastercon” (Reclamation): Fri 15 – Mon 18 April 2022 (inclusive). Originally Brighton (South East England) was on the cards but the Reclamation Committee has had to abandon that and instead –in 2022– this event returns to familiar ground: The Radisson Red Hotel, Bath Road, Heathrow. Formerly the Park Inn, and outside on the main road beside the Airport, it has been used in previous Eastercons. More data : Fen from outside UK and from outside continental Europe may wish to combine these two major SF events –one week apart– with perhaps before, between or after, some tourism included. And with a “green” agenda to the fore, travelling (once in the UK or on the Continent) is easily done by the most environmentally way possible: the train (the Eurostar) and then London Tube. [Although the various Heathrow Tube and Main Line Rail Stations are also nearby, they are within the Airport complex (and that then requires a bus out of that area to the Con location)it IMO is better to get to HATTON CROSS Tube Station (Piccadilly –dark blue– Line) and there catch the FREE Red London Bus to that Eastercon/Reclamation venue.] More detailed news on this option to follow – from moi.

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