Eurocon 2023 Site Picked

Uppsala, Sweden was confirmed as the site of Eurocon 2023 during this year’s Eurocon (2021/Fiuggi, Italy).

The 2023 event will be held in conjunction with Konflikt 2023.

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2022. Eurcon 2022 will be held in Luxembourg as part of the annual Luxcon, and will be held in the very South of the Grand Duchy — in Dudelange, right next to the French border.

BIDS FOR FUTURE EURCONS. The following bid announcements for upcoming Eurocons were made this weekend in Fiuggi. Other bids are invited to email contact_esfs (at) esfs (dot) info to make their intentions known.

  • 2024 Rotterdam, The Netherlands
  • 2025 Åland, Finland
  • 2026 Berlin, Germany
  • 2028 Zagreb, Croatia

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