Fandom Style

Looking for a fresh malfunction to add to your wardrobe? Let File 770‘s fashion critic help!


Welovefine has the I Am Chewie Hoodie, the latest in Wookiee-wear, with luxuriant fake fur and a bandolier across the chest. Only $60, plus shipping, handling and smuggling on the Kessel run.


And the “Batman 66 Riddler Riddle Me Boxer Shorts” are the ideal gender-bending underwear choice — $17.99 from SuperHeroStuff.


6 thoughts on “Fandom Style

  1. I’ll stick to the rather straight forward colored underpants. I’m seen stuff I would never wear or would get me thrown out of bed, like. A hamburger in the crotch ( “home of the whopper”) or Homer Simpson. I have say Clay Aiken boxer shorts. Who think of this stuff? Why?

  2. We’ll have to ask Ian Schoenherr if his father’s estate makes any money from the sale of the Wookie hoodies. I’m also curious if they smell like a wet dog if worn in the rain.

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