Favorite Fictional President?

San Diego’s ConDor science fiction convention invites you to nominate a Fictional President to be nominated into its “Fictional President Hall of Fame.”

The nominations are open to any fictional Presidents* from Science Fiction, Fantasy, Past, Present, Future, Human, Non-Human, Alien, American, Non-American, Alternate Universe, etc.  You can nominate a character that’s already been nominated. The more nominations a character has the better chance s/he will make it on the final ballot.
*Presidential Characters of Countries/Worlds/Star Systems whose political decisions can and/or did affect whole civilizations. 

Who would I vote for? I was impressed with Morgan Freeman’s presidential turn in Deep Impact. Nor have I ever forgotten Henry Fonda on the phone in Faile-Safe ordering the A-bombing of New York. And what about the soft spot in my heart for that double-fictional President, Dave, the imposter coached by Frank Langella and Kevin Dunn? Not an easy choice.

Nominations close February 28. The final ballot will be available at ConDor and online. The Fictional President Hall of Fame inductees will be announced Sunday, March 10.

Nominations can be posted to Facebook.com/ConDorCon or submitted through the con’s online response form.

ConDor 20 takes place March 8-10 at the Town & Country in San Diego. This year’s theme is “There and Back Again: Journeys in Fantasy and Science Fiction.” Connie Willis is Guest of Honor. David J. Peterson, creator of the Dothraki language for HBO’s Game of Thrones will also attend.

3 thoughts on “Favorite Fictional President?

  1. There is a Cracked.com article on the Three Fictional Presidents the country needs right now … a highly disputable document. One of them is a pretty fair choice, I suppose, if you want a president who risks his life in an unnecessary, desperate, last minute plan to blow up the aliens — President Thomas Whitmore from Independence Day. Of course, in real life, he would be overwhelmed by the difference between an F-16 and the jet he flew in ‘Nam, but that’s what makes him fictional. One of the other two presidents was from a TV cartoon I’d never heard of, and the other from a B-movie starring some WWF wrestler who looks as though he has a potato for a brain.

    What happened to the President from “Dr. Strangelove,” from “The President’s Analyst,” from all those “Ryan” movies made from Tom Clancy movies, etc? Ryan may be further to the right than Dick Cheney, but he sure kicks ass!


  2. Taral writes:

    One of the other two presidents was from a TV cartoon I’d never heard of

    Wow, President James Norcross? Super President was a really, really awful show, and the time I spent viewing it was completely wasted, but I have sneaking admiration for it, because of the sheer preposterousness of its premise. Thanks for the link.

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