Filers at Worldcon Part 2: The Meetening

By Hampus Eckerman: The official times for filer meetups are as follows:


12:00 – 13:00 Meetup at Exhibit 39: Halloween Collection

I’ll shamelessly use this meetup to promote my own exhibit. Swedish candy is promised.


18:30 – 21:30: Belge Bar & Bistro.

Belge Bar & Bistro is placed 2-3 blocks from the main railway station.  Train leaves every five minutes from Pasila which is about 500 meters walk from the Messukeskus and the train takes around five minutes to central Helsinki. Let’s meet 17:50 by my exhibit again and then walk together to the train station around 18:00. Also, this is a good way for those that need other means of transportation (taxi?) to coordinate with each other.

For those who arrive early to the Bistro, there is a nice library-themed lounge to rest in.



19:00: Pre-Hugo Meet: Exhibit 39, Halloween Collection

Let’s go together to the Hugo’s to cheer on our fellow filers that are nominated and to argue with each other about whether Chuck Tingle is placed in the correct category. You’ll notice that I use my own exhibit as a meeting point all the time. That is mostly because it is the only place I know where it will be and where I think it will be easy to find each other.

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17 thoughts on “Filers at Worldcon Part 2: The Meetening

  1. And for those who wonder how I selected the bistro for Thursday: I took what was closest from the railway station, had wheelchair access (if someone would need it), allowed reservation of tables (lots of places didn’t) and seemed big enough to accommodate us if we should expand above the reserved places for 15 persons.

    I think I reserved for 15 last time, because I had no idea, and more than 40 came. :/

  2. Hampus, thanks for the map link. That looks very useful, and I have a better idea of the layout now

  3. Yay, thanks, @Hampus Eckerman! (My laptop thinks your last name should be “Ackerman,” sigh.)

    ETA: thanks for the map link!

  4. I would not be the last bit surprised if I’m working the registration desk at that time on Wednesday, but I’m try my damnedest to be there on Thursday.
    If I do wind up giving you a badge, please say hi.

  5. I must have walked right past the Belge during my “getting acquainted with the downtown and tire myself out enough to sleep” perambulation this evening. At least within half a block. I seem to have wildly overestimated how tiring the flight would be (since I got a full night’s sleep), which means I didn’t need to clear the decks quite so much for my “recovery” day tomorrow. Now I’m going to scramble to see if there are any sightseeing opportunities still available.

  6. 80% chance of making both Wednesday and Friday! (Thursday will probably be taken up with “Motel After Dark,” the interactive experience.) Looking forward to seeing you and other Filers again, Hampus!

  7. Ok, we’ll move time to 13 as the exhibit hall does not open until then!

  8. Yes it does! Or at least, I got in. I’m here at the exhibit already, all by myself.

    Edit: it’s a nice exhibit.

    Also, I have to leave for site selection work at 12:45. Not sure about Thursday or Saturday – we’ll see.

  9. Yay, first filer meetup done! I forgot to take photos, because I’m confused, but had to fetch extra chairs, so we were a nice group. Ingvar, Greg Hullender, Chad Saxelid, Heather Rose Jones, Kendall, Rick Moen, Greg Machlin, my father & brother, Sylivia Sotomayor, Nick Pheas.

    I had the opportunity to see Standback earlier on, but missed him when we changed time. Same with Lenore Jones. Did I forget someone?

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